Well, another one of my favorite childhood actors is officially a hot mess. Amanda Bynes, star of 'The Amanda Show,' has not had the best year. After being slapped with a DUI and accused of three hit-and-runs earlier this year, she was just recently caught driving illegally while lighting up what appeared to be a marijuana pipe. The media is now saying that she may be suffering from mental illness. (Ya think? I assumed so before I even knew she was talking to inanimate objects.)

I feel genuinely sorry for Amanda. I remember watching her show on Nickelodeon as a kid and admiring her as celebrity who appeared to live a seemingly normal, down-to-Earth life. I remember reading an interview in which she talked about her parents, siblings and dog and thinking, “Huh, her family sounds a lot like mine!” I would never have guessed that she’d end up like this.

What is with Hollywood? Amanda Bynes is not even close to being the only celebrity to exhibit extremely odd behavior and substance abuse.  Let’s take a look at some of the other celebrities that have struggled with substance abuse and/or gone totally crazy.

  1. Lindsay Lohan. While I think most of us can find it in our hearts to forgive Lindsay for her excessive drinking, drug abuse, DUIs and jail time, I doubt anyone can forgive her for this.
  2. Charlie Sheen has exhibited drug and alcohol abuse plus manic, grandiose behavior.
  3. Tara Reid. The 'American Pie' star and plastic surgery enthusiast has been acting since age 9. She’s struggled with alcoholism, anorexia and fashion faux pas.
  4. Mel Gibson. Gibson has had it all: fame, stardom, alcoholism, a DUI and accusations of domestic abuse.
  5. Britney Spears. Brit-Brit may seem to be doing OK these days, but let’s not forget that she looked like this not too long ago.
  6. David Hasselhoff is unfortunately known more for his cheeseburger video than any of his acting.
  7. Mischa Barton struggled with alcoholism, anorexia and a psychiatric breakdown.
  8. John Travolta. The acclaimed actor hasn't battled alcoholism, anorexia or even drug abuse. He’s just, you know, your typical crazy Scientologist slash sexual assailant.
  9. Melanie Griffith was an alcoholic and an addict.
  10. Ben Affleck checked into rehab for alcoholism back in 2001.
  11. McCauley Culkin is an alleged heroin addict.
  12. Billy Joel drove his vehicle into someone’s home, though the incident was apparently “unrelated” to his repetitive struggles with alcoholism.
  13. Jamie Lee Curtis went through a painkiller addiction along with heavy alcohol consumption.
  14. Robert Downey, Jr. has been in jail and rehab multiple times.
  15. Nicole Richie. The privileged daughter of Lionel Richie has struggled with eating disorders and alcohol and drug abuse.

And let’s not forget the dreadful fate of others like Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger and Amy Winehouse. Part of me wants to hug all of these people for a very long period of time, and the other part wants to shake them violently while screaming, “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? HOW BAD CAN YOUR LIFE BE? JUST STOP DOING BAD THINGS!”

But, I most likely won’t get that chance. So until then I’ll keep thinking positive thoughts for Amanda Bynes...and hoping for a 'She’s the Man' sequel.

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