I am a pretty "set it and forget it" type of person. Sure, I like to try new things, but I also like to continue to visit places where I know a few people, I know I will have a good time, the food will be great, the drinks cold, and the conversation light.

I am a creature of habit. If I had to name three places, within the downtown area of the radio station, that covers all those bases for me it would be (in no particular order). Fattey Beer Company. Just a great vibe, nice bartenders, and a selection of beer that is amazing, Casa Di Pizza. The food is always consistently good and the staff are fun and friendly. Buffalo Cigar. This place is a hidden gem, the crew is awesome, but I understand if you are not into the smoke scene.

So, I pretty much stay within my comfort zone...but that was until I was invited to hang out at Mr. Sizzle's in the Horsefeathers Market Place building at 346 Connecticut Street in Buffalo. A friend, whom I met at Buffalo Cigar lives in the building and invited me out...so I went and WTH!? Amazing! It is like if a really cool diner merged with a really cool bar. Affordable and amazing food. Take a look at my trifecta below


Mr. Sizzle's Newest Hot Spot


It is human nature to share positive experiences, and so I hope you trust me enough to venture there and find out for yourself.


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