There is so much hype surrounding the Super Bowl. From the game itself, prop betting, and commercials but the one true standout is the halftime entertainment.

Most people who could care less about the game will sit thru two-quarters of it just so they will not miss the glitz and glam, the spectacle that is a Super Bowl Half Time Show.

I am not into the half-time show. For me, halftime is for stuffing your face with food and getting your drink on. If I wanted to see artists lip-synch through their music, I will watch the videos.

However, there have been a few highlights that I do remember pulling my face out of the chicken wing dip to catch the action.

If you are a Bills fan, do you remember the 1991 game? I know, how can any Bills fan forget. Well, that was the first year that the NFL turned the halftime show into a mid-game concert with New Kids on the Block taking the center field and it is because of that Bills loss that to this day I still cannot hear "Step by  Step" without going into a deep state of depression.

Actually, because of the Bills Super Bowl run streak of losing, I no longer can listen to Gloria Estefan, Michael Jackson, Clint Black, Travis Tritt, or Wynonna & Naomi Judd. The Buffalo Bills have ruined more music for me than karaoke.

The Blues Brothers with ZZ Top. Although John Belushi wasn't there John Goodman held his own.

Who can forget the famous wardrobe malfunction? Janet Jackson with a slip of the...and Justin Timberlake holding the evidence. I found this to be ironic because one would have thought Kid Rock, who also performed that night, would be the culprit.

Prince was epic, Paul McCartney was royalty, and Britney Spears never looked sexier than when she was on stage with Aerosmith.

And 2016. Coldplay Beyonce and Bruno Mars were the best EVER. And I didn't even see the performances, all I remember is a two-point conversion play.

Denver defeats Carolina 24-10 and yours truly made the phone calls stop for at least a month.


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