If you're a fan of Betty White (and who isn't?), you're going to want to plan a trip to Jamestown to visit the National Comedy Center soon.

Comedy is an art and no one displays the art of comedy like the National Comedy Center in Jamestown, NY.  If you love comedy and you've never been there, you really do need to plan a day to get there to check out this incredible museum.  It was opened in  August of 2018 and is a mecca for comedy lovers of all genres.  Whether you like the clean one-liners or you like the raunchy stuff, they've got it all covered.

My son and I visited a couple years ago and it was incredible to see a love for comedy growing in him as we walked from one display to another.  It was like opening up a brand new genre of music for him that he'd never heard before.  We had such a good day.

Now, they're going to have an even more impressive display of one of America's true comedy legends.

Betty White passed away in December of 2021.  She was arguably one of the funniest and timeless comedians to have ever graced stages and televisions for decades.  She was 99 when she finally passed and she stayed sharp right up until the end.

Her estate just made a huge donation the National Comedy Center.  It includes everything from screen used wardrobes, scripts with hand written annotations, and even a gown that she wore at the 1986 Emmy Awards.

"Now her work is on exhibit side-by-side with her dear friends and fellow artists, including Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore and so many others." - Glenn Kaplan who represents Betty White's estate

Check The Associated Press for more about what is included in the display.  We are incredibly blessed to have a national treasure like the National Comedy Center here in Western New York.  If you haven't checked it out, plan a fall drive to Jamestown and do it.  You won't be sorry.

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