National Geographic has published a list of their top 10 cities to eat in. In their book called The World’s Best Cities, they ranked Buffalo as the third-best food city in the world.

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Buffalo beat out seven other cities from around the world, the only Amercian city beating it was Louisville, Kentucky.  What made Buffalo special to writers at National Geographic was Anchor Bar’s contribution to the world — Chicken Wings. Here's the list compliments of National Geographic and WIVB-TV:

  1. Louisville, Kentucky – Hot Brown, an open-faced turkey sandwich with cream sauce on Texas toast.

  2. Chennai, India — India’s equivalent to Buffalo’s chicken wings.

  3. Buffalo, N.Y. — Chicken wings, inspired by Anchor Bar’s original wings.

  4. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam — Banh Mi, a bread sandwich served on French baguettes.

  5. Lyon, France — Lyonnaise potatoes, along with many other French delicacies.

  6. Cincinnati, Ohio — Chilli to the tune of two million pounds consumed in the city alone.

  7. Osaka, Japan — Takoyaki, grilled balls of octopus batter.

  8. Bologna, Italy — Pasta Bolognese, the true Italian spaghetti dish.

  9. Edam, The Netherlands — The most popular cheese in the world.

  10. Ensenada, Mexico — Fish tacos out of Ensenada’s markets.

Personally I would take wings over ANYTHING on the list...but again I am a native Western New Yorker!

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