Wow.  If you went to the Buffalo Bills game you might have seen this on Monday night.  There is a local Buffalo company called Oxford Pennant and they apparently have fallen victim to theft.

Theft of a design, anyway.

Oxford Pennant claims that New Era Hat Company stole one of their designs. I saw on Twitter last night thousands of people commenting and retweeting Oxford Pennant's tweet. Apparently, Oxford Pennant was  Approached by New Era Cap to do a collaboration with Oxford and they denied them.

One would assume, because of their tweet, that the reason they denied New Era Cap was that a few years back New Era closed their Derby plant and let go over 200 employees in Western New York. In exchange, they outsourced their jobs to China. Therefore, Oxford Pennant said no to the collaboration.

Oxford was surprised when they saw their exact design on a New Era Hat for sale at Highmark Stadium last night. What a rip-off, right? If this is true, should Oxford Pennant go after New Era? Is there something that New Era tweaked just a little bit, so that they could legally use the design? I'm not a lawyer, but it certainly looks like a multi-million dollar company just stole a design and needs to pay up.

It really is the exact design. Take a look at the pictures below.

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