The NFL approved 9 rule changes today, one ejects players immediately after 2 unsportsmanlike conducts

If there was no rules in the NFL then would probably still thoroughly enjoy watching it but it's about player safety these days. Pay no attention to the 2 teams of 11 men (until that first woman gets a shot) trying to rip, strip, tackle, crush, hit, pop and fight each other for one tiny ball, that in itself is totally safe already. It's how you get there that we gotta worry about.

Here are some of the rule changes we pulled from the full list we saw on

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Players will be immediately ejected for getting penalized twice in one game for certain unsportsmanlike personal fouls. We can thank Odell for this one and JACK FM is dubbing it the Odell rule right now. We also feel like this one shouldn't have to be a rule as officials can already eject players for even one unsportsmanlike personal foul. Now they HAVE to. So being a superstar wont let you get away with anything anymore. This rule is a one year trial rule so far. 

15 yard line PAT's are here to stay  A good rule change if you ask us, make it mean more and makes it a little more exciting (and heart breaking) when a team misses one and has to make up that extra point. It Also leads to more 2 point try's which if you are a fan of Madden games, that's just what you do anyway.

Touchback's from free kicks now puts the ball at the 25 yard line instead of the 20 We all know that every yard matters in a game of Football. We think this rule is being put in place so that kickers might actually try to kick a strategically place kick off instead of just booting it out of the end zone every time and taking it at the 20. Making the kickoff a little more exciting again. This is also a one year trial rule.

Horse collar tackles are now extended to the jersey name plate and above when pulling people to the ground. The bottom of the jersey and dreadlocks/long hair are still ok though, pull away!

ALL chop blocks are now illegal This one caught us by surprise... we already thought they were all illegal.

All in all there are 9 rule changes implemented this year and it's not the end. Like them? Hate them? Just want to complain? Let us know what you think.


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