There are so many great buildings here in Buffalo and Western New York. Some are historical and with that comes the debate if they should be renovated or be taken down, I am a big fan of the history of everything. People, landmarks, and especially structures. And in this area, there is no shortage of historic buildings.

From the house that Mark Twain lived in on Delaware Avenue, to the mansion that Theodore Roosevelt was sworn in as president once William McKinley was assassinated. This area is rich in history. But again, some think that some of the homes, due to time, wear and tear are beyond saving or restoring. It is easier to knock down and rebuild than to refurbish and restore. Well, that has just changed.

According to WIVB the Allentown district, which is an amazing community has received the first Preservation Receivership Program for one of its homes

Officials announced Monday that a home at 40 Cottage Street in Allentown is the first sale through the Preservation Receivership Program.

The program is designed to restore at-risk historic properties, take them from absentee landlords, and put the homes back on the market.

This is very exciting and inspiring that even though some properties may be neglected, forgotten, or even abandoned there is consideration to the fact that these establishments are steeped in a deeper history of what this area represents.

Without knowing where we came from, we will never know where we are heading.


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