October is the best month for a bunch of reasons, but to put the cherry on top it is also the month that the second season of Stranger Things is released on Netflix.  Get the popcorn ready, this is gonna be a wild ride!


If you haven't seen the first season or do not have Netflix all I can tell you is that you need to get Netflix and watch the first season.  It is awesome, and with it being set back in the '80's, it has a great nostalgia feel as well.


The latest and last trailer for season 2 was released today (on Friday the 13th of course) and it's amazing.  I want to say thank you to Netflix for being an innovator in television programming and changing the way series are watched.  They invented binge watching as a sport and I plan on spending October 27th doing just that!


If you haven't seen the trailer, here it is in all its glory...and if you find yourself caught in the upside down, well, good luck!

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