It's quick, it's convenient and it just makes sense. At least for me and over 700 other people that were polled voting in favor of alcohol-to-go services provided by area restaurants and other drinking establishments.

The 'give it to me to go' concept was instated as a way to help struggling bars and restaurants make up some of the lost revenue when closures, limited capacity seating, and other restrictions took effect during the pandemic. And as much of a p.i.t.a all of that was, some good things came out of it. Like, getting your adult beverages to go. Well, the expiration date on that convenience is coming to an end but most people want it to remain in place.  WIVB reports:

Who wants to leave a place that is already selling alcohol to you to go to another place to wait in line to purchase the same thing you just had complete access to?

It's like going to an ATM and the machine tells you that it does have money but you need to go to a bank to take it out. It's asinine, almost makes you want to well...have a cocktail. Bottoms up!

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