Tis' the season of TOYS. And this weekend there is a great event at BELLA KIDS that benefits TOYS FOR TOTS of BUFFALO. And it looks like the hottest toy the 2021 holiday season is looking to be Magic Mixies which involves mixing a magic potion to create your own pet. But is it Hall of Fame worthy?

So can what looks like to be the hottest toy today, endure the test of time to make it all the way into the National Toy Hall Of Fame at the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York?

This year three items have has the honor of being inducted. One is as old as time, the next toy was invented in 1959, and the youngest was created in 1986.

WWKB has all scoop on everything from the game of strategy,  the sands of time, and an all American icon created by an educator to help teach children about the different states in America.

So there you have it. I would have thought that sand is now inducted twice if you count the Etch A Sketch that was inducted back in 1998 but it turns out Etch A Sketch is filled with aluminum powder (and know you know).

Some other unique items considered toys would be the cardboard box (2005). This one makes sense much to the chagrin of parents who spent way too much money on a toy, only to realize the kid just wants to play with the box it came in. Outside of sand being the oldest toy inducted, the stick was inducted first (2008) and I can't help but think it was the inspiration for Tinkertoy (1998) and Lincoln Logs (1999).

You can view all the inductees HERE but I warn you now, you may start feeling a sense of nostalgia, warm and fuzzy, as you scroll through the listings. Beware of smiles and memories of a simpler time flooding in.

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