Do you remember how you felt like a kid waiting for Christmas morning? The excitement and anticipation of opening a present and hoping, wishing for that one, or maybe two, special toys.

For me, as a child of the 70s, it was all about Light Bright, G.I Joe, The Six Million Dollar Man full-size action figures, and anything Star Wars, Marvel Comics, or DC Superhero related.

Well, this weekend you have an opportunity to not only shop for your children but you can become a Superhero yourself by providing a new toy for a child who may not be as fortunate to receive one this holiday season.

WGRZ has the scoop on a great event happening this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at BELLA KIDS all to benefit TOYS FOR TOTS of BUFFALO.

So as you do go out shopping this year, remember that feeling you experienced opening that one present that soon became your favorite toy. Chances are you are thinking about it right now. Maybe you still have it or maybe you are seriously considering buying another one just because.

You can give that feeling, which is a gift in and of itself, to another just by donating the gift of a toy.


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