Fan appreciation day.  It's a time-honored tradition in sports.  A day where teams say thank you to us, the fans for having their back no matter what.

The last time the Buffalo Bills held a fan appreciation day in 2019 (thanks a lot COVID!!) they offered the fans discounted tickets, half-price popcorn, peanuts, hot chocolate, and water, for all to enjoy. And fans at the game, or at home, were able to enter a drawing for a chance to win one of over 1,000 Bills-themed prizes. Not too shabby.

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Fast forward to 2021, and Fan Appreciation Days are starting to pop up once again, as fans have flocked back to stadiums to support their teams.  One of the other NFL teams that likes to claim they are from New York, is taking heat on Twitter today for their lackluster fan appreciation day offer.

The New York Giants sent an email to their fans with this year's Fan Appreciation Day offer.  Are you ready for this...they get a free medium soda!!! Not quite the offer that the fans were hoping for, and they are letting the Twitterverse know about it.

Yup, for the thousands of dollars they have spent to see The Giants start off with a not-so-stellar 4-9 record, they get a free medium soda.  Now in fairness, a medium soda probably costs $10 at MetLife Stadium, but still, this stinks of adding insult to injury.

Giants Nation has taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure.


And of course, The Dallas Cowboys fans, whose team the Gants are playing this week, have jumped into the party...

So a note to the other professional sports teams out there planning their future Fan Appreciation Days, you can do better than a free soda.

Actually, this guy here has the right idea!

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