While snow is in the forecast for much of the Empire State, there's a good reason why it's happening this week and through February.

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As much as 8 inches of snow is possible for part of the state today and through the rest of the week, as seen from the National Weather Service on Twitter.

They also point out there could be a wintery mix. Most of this will affect areas along the Great Lakes.

There's a good reason this storm is happening this week and in general right now, which is many believe to be something called "winter."

You see, when it snows, it's cold. Snow creates slick driving conditions. So you should be careful if you plan to drive in snow. You also should plan on wearing a coat because it is cold. The reason for the snow and cold is because it is currently winter, and we live in the Northeastern United States where snow is a common occurrence due to our position on Planet Earth. It will be winter until Monday, March 20, 2023. Then it will be Spring. When Spring comes it will be warmer and rainy. Snow storms of varying degrees of severity will continue to occur during winter, and may even happen during spring. Most of them will not be severe. We will inform you of the weather because knowing it's going to be, for example, snowing and cold is important so that you don't leave your home naked. That would be bad and also illegal. Do not leave your home naked.

This article is a piece of humor and not serious in any way shape or form. It is in response to people who get mad that we report the weather and also making fun of us for how we report the weather.

The reports from the National Weather Service above are real and current.

Good day.

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