In the NFL you'll do anything to make a tackle. ANYTHING.

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Sometimes it's a desperate leap to try and stop a man from getting by you. Other times it's holding on for dear life to the end of a player's jersey. Shoe string tackles are just that. There are also times when you grab anything and everything to try to bring a man down. We mean ANYTHING.

It's understandable, too. Especially for defensive linemen. It's can be hard to see what you're exactly grabbing at, and sometimes it can be a little embarrassing.

Plus in today's NFL there are

cameras literally everywhere, showing every angle, in high definition. You can't do anything on the field without it being on camera it seems. That's exactly what happened to Former Buffalo Bills star Harrison Philips.

Philips now plays for the Minnesota Vikings. He's also been beloved for his hard play and charity work here in Buffalo and the same goes for Vikings fans. In their game this past weekend against the colts, the Vikings pulled off the greatest comeback in NFL history. They were 33 points down against the Colts and came back to win the game in Overtime. With that, they unseated the Bills' previous record of 32 points for the greatest comeback. Harrison Philips played a big role in the game.

He was also snapped doing this.

He has quite the handful there, doesn't he?

This is an awkward moment, for sure. In his total defense, he clearly can not see exactly what he's grabbing as his face is in the offensive lineman's back and, again, when you're rushing the QB you do anything and everything to get to him. Harrison did nothing wrong, it's just an unfortunate moment that, of course, was caught on camera for all to see.

It's probably fair to say you can find pics like these probably in every game. Nevertheless, this one popped up on Twitter.


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