So as the Toronto Blue Jays say goodbye to their home away from home, Sahlen Field in downtown Buffalo. Canada is now looking to re-open the borders on August 9th with one restriction being that all who enter must be fully vaccinated with traveler's subject to random searches.

It is nice to hear stories of people finally being able to get back with family, friends, and partners. I was talking to a friend the other day and he is chomping at the bit to get up north to visit his girlfriend whom he has not seen in a year. Talk about long-distance relationships? How about a long-time no-see relationship?

Property owners can finally get back to what they have been paying taxes on. I can only imagine the stories of what some people will be walking up to or into after things being neglected for so long.

In any event, what did you miss most about NOT be able to go over to our neighbors to the north? For me I have five cravings I need to cross off my I Miss Canada Bucket List and they are (in no particular order) below.

So there you have it. I know seems shallow but I caved all the basics, From craving food to saving on booze. Hope you enjoy your travels in Canada. No matter what you miss or want always remember to have a good day eh. Oh, one more thing that will suck once the Canadian border does open up...Leaf fans.


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