This week the Buffalo Bills will be taking on the Green Bay Packers and there will be some fans here in Western New York who will be conflicted about which team they are pulling for.

See some fans like to root for two teams in the same league and I am here to tell you to STOP!

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If you are a fan of the Buffalo Bills, you can't also be a fan of another NFL team. The problem with this week is that the Bills take on an NFC team that they usually don't play.

Plus there are more Green Bay fans or should I say followers here in Western Ne York than you think because a lot of people in the 716 started watching them when the hometown hero Don Majkowski started playing for them in 1987. 

We have seen a couple of local products end up playing for the Packers after the Majic man as well including Niagara Falls native James Starks.

So I get why you would want Green Bay to do well, but you can't call yourself a fan if you are also a fan of the Bills.

You get to root for one team per league. Sure you can switch teams if you want, but chances are you root for the team from your hometown or the team your parents rooted for and you are stuck with them.

So for all those Packer "Fans" in Western New York this week, who root for the Bills every day, you are a fan of the Buffalo Bills and a follower of the Packers, and you should hope that the Bills beat the Packers on Sunday.

Also to anyone who says they are rooting for their favorite player who went to another team, then you are a fan of the player and not the team.

When Thurman Thomas left Buffalo for Miami, did we all become Miami fans??? Heck No...We were Bills fans rooted against Thomas everything he touched the ball when he played. If you rooted for Thomas to do well, then you are not a Bills fan, you are a fan of Thurman Thomas.

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