A well-earned vacation on a Caribbean island should be relaxing and carefree. But that’s not the case with Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, who has suffered a dislocated shoulder on while in St. Barts.

TMZ reports that Carney sustained the injury yesterday (Jan. 3) when a “humongous wave slammed him to the ocean floor. The shoulder was reset at a nearby hospital and he has since been released.

Carney posted a couple of pictures of the damage, which appear to be to his right shoulder to his Instagram account. “Tune into my new lifetime movie. ‘Dislocated shoulder’ airing right now,” reads the caption underneath one of them.

The website for Britain’s National Health Service says that, although a person with a dislocated shoulder usually needs to wear a sling for only a few weeks, “it takes about 12 to 16 weeks to completely recover from a dislocated shoulder.” There has been no word yet from the group as to how this will affect the Black Keys’ world tour that begins next month, which will include a headlining slot at Mountain Jam on Saturday, June 6.

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