Patrick Kane, a native of Buffalo, New York, may be headed home.

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There's no doubt that Patrick Kane is an all-time great in the NHL. He's scored 430 goals and has 1,180 points in 1,107 games played. He's been the NHL MVP, winning the Hart Trophy in the 2015 - 2016 season. He has won 3 Stanley Cups, all of course with the only team he has ever played for, the Chicago Blackhawks.

Times are changing though for Chicago, and they are going full rebuild. This has led to many speculating on the future of the superstar player.

There are many that have dreamed of him one day returning home to Buffalo to play for the hometown Sabres. What a story it would be. The likelihood seemed slim though as the Sabres have been in a long playoff drought and are rebuilding themselves. However, they are on the upswing. They have a good core of young players and someone like Kane would be a very talented edition to a roster that is hungry to win.

Now the dream may become reality.

Now, there are some cons to this, to be fair. Kane is in the back half of an incredible career. He is 33 years old. Not OLD but not young. There is a... history of some behavior here in Buffalo that is not fun to revisit. While it ultimately went away, it does raise concerns for many.

What can't be denied though is how amazing he is at hockey and there are no signs that age is holding him back, either. He has 92 points in 78 games last year. He always averages over a point a game. He knows what it takes to win.

Plus, though the Sabres are on the upswing, the team could absolutely use a Superstar to fill seats this season. Attendance was BAD last year and they desperately need a turnaround in that area.

What would it take to get Kane to Buffalo? It's hard to tell because the Blackhawks are rebuilding. It might not actually take much. The Sabres are one of the few teams that can easily take on his salary. Here are a few ideas:

What do you think? Would you want Patrick Kane in a Sabres' sweater?

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