This weekend we realized in our house that, it's not going to happen this year.

No family.

No struggle up the stairs with 3 leaves to extend the dinning room table for everyone to come over.

No parents to do all the cooking and us just showing up with a pie and some cookies.

Once my family decided that this year we are all going to social distance this year for the holiday on Thursday, my wife and I came to the realization: 'we have no clue how to cook a turkey'.

How ridiculous, right? Almost pathetic? Apparently we are not alone because after finding the hotline from Butterball Turkeys, there are some of these very common questions that might seem crazy to ask if you have been cooking Thanksgiving dinner for years and years.

Here's the most common questions that newbie cooks are calling in asking for help with:

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1.) How big of a turkey do I need to get?

2.) What is the best way to cook the turkey? Is it frying it? Using the oven? In a garbage can?

3.) How long do I cook the turkey for?

4.) Does the stuffing actually come out of the turkey?

5.) My personal favorite: the giblet removal process.

If you have any questions, you can call ANY time of the day to Butterball Turkeys at 1-800-288-8372 or watch some tutorials online on their website. (P.S. THEY ARE SUPER NICE AND HELPFUL)

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