Catching a Frisbee is hardly the only skill a human can do that a dog can match.

Dagger, a three-year-old black lab golden retriever from Long Island, N.Y., has gained a following for his paintings. In fact, he's such an artiste that he's gotten the nickname 'Dog Vinci' and even dons a beret and scarf for the full painter effect.

Dagger was set to be a service dog, but that went up in smoke because he was afraid of stairs. So, like anyone else, he had a career to fall back on, albeit one that people would hardly call safe. Yes, he got into painting after watching his owner, Yvonne Dagger, paint.

He always lays down next to me. But one day he was nudging me and I said, 'Do you want to paint, Dagger?' and his tail started to wag."

Now, takes to the canvas and easel with a brush in his mouth, while following Yvonne's commands. Together, their pieces typically sell between $50-$100, with the money going to animal charities.

And while Dog Vinci is a great nickname, we can't help but think there are a couple other ones out there we shouldn't discount, like Salvador Doggie, Pablo Petcasso or Vincent Van Go-lden Retriever.

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