There are lots of great things about dating that make you want to go out and have fun.

You get to meet new people, experience new things and eat at new places. These all seem like great things to do.

But, if you know like I know, dating can also be pretty hard.

If you really know like I know, dating in the 716 is really hard. Us Buffalonians are a tough bunch. We really have things that we like and don't like.

Now, while I am a pretty flexible guy when it comes to the opposite sex, there are just a few things that are a major red flag for me when dealing with the beautiful ladies of the 716.

I asked my friends and family on Facebook what are some of the top red flags they find when dating in Buffalo. If you find yourself doing any of these things, please show yourself to the exit:

Dave Fields / Townsquare Media
Dave Fields / Townsquare Media

She Doesn't Like Wings

This has to be the number one thing on my list of dating red flags, if you don't like wings we can just stop talking now. As a matter of fact, lose my number, and please block me on all social media because you can no longer exist in my world.

attachment-Ranch Dressing at a Buffalo grocery store.

She Likes Wings But Prefers Ranch

Now that I think about it, this is actually worse than not liking wings at all. How dare you defile such a wonderful delicacy as wings with something as gross as ranch dressing? While we do like ranch in the 716, we just don't want it on our wings!

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She Knows EVERYONE At The Club Or Bar

If you walk into the bar or club and she knows everyone on a first-name basis, watch out. I mean the bouncers, bartenders, coat check folks, hosts and hostesses, and most of the patrons; beware! She gets extra demerit if she also hugs everyone and says things like "oh, he's like a brother to me".

Tom Brady
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She's Owns Anything That Says Patriots and/or Tom Brady

Now this isn't just a dating red flag, this is an entire lifestyle red flag. There is no good reason for anyone who lives in Buffalo to be fans of the infamous Patriots or the horrible person named Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. In fact, you should just be excommunicated from the Buffalo area and be forced to change your phone number to a 617 area code.

(photo by Brett Alan)
(photo by Brett Alan)

She's Never Been To A Bills, Sabres, Bisons, or Bandits Game

We bleed Red and Blue (plus Black and Orange) in Western New York, and it's a huge red flag if she's never seen any of our teams playing live. Even if she's not a sports fan, she needs at least 1 game on her resume. If she doesn't maybe you should leave her wherever you found her at.

What are some dating red flags for you?

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