So I was watching TV today and I caught a commercial for Old Navy. It was for their summer dresses and they had a girl on it named Mayim Bialik from the TV Show Blossom. As I continued to watch they showed Joey Lawrence who played her brother in the tv series. I realized watching this commercial 2 things. First how much classic tv shows like Blossom, Alf, Punky Brewster, and even Fraggle Rock. Second thing I realized is that kids these days have absolutely no idea who these 2 characters are! I'm sure most of them recognized her as the character Amy from Big Bang Theory but that's about it! If you're like me and missing the 80s and early 90s TV Shows I found these You Tube videos with the classics. I have to say watching this I really feel the urge to find classic Alf episodes. I LOVED Alf!! Here take a look at how awesome tv was back in the day! The first one is the opening intro for Blossom and the second video is a collection of a few shows from the 80s.


Remember the 80s!

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