There are a bunch of celebrations occurring this weekend in honor of St. Patrick's day. We thought we would offer up a few good drinking games to play while listening to Jack FM before you get out to enjoy the festivities! Saturday at noon, down in the "Old Neighborhood", also known as the Old Firt Ward, is the first St. Patrick's Day parade. The second St. Patrick's Day parade is in Down Town Buffalo right on Delaware Ave. which begins at 2P.M. Always a great time! Come out and get your green on! Now, onto the games!

Thunderstruck- This great AC/DC song is fun to play in a group. I would say try to keep the groups to about 6 people at the most. So if you are having a party make sure you break people up. So you start in a circle. Decide who will be the first person to drink. When you hear the first Thunder the first person drinks, and continues to drink until the next Thunder in which the second person in the circle drinks until the next Thunder. This continues until the end of the song!

Roxanne- Every Time you hear Roxanne you drink. This song is pretty simple! Word to the wise, have a few drinks ready for this one!

U2 No Line On the Horizion- Every time you hear an OOOHHHH at any point in the song, you drink!

There are always good songs to sip a brewski to. So enjoy your weekend responsibly and let us know what game you have for this glorious occasion!... Oh yeah and there is always the faithful Power Hours to fall back on... In that case just listen to Jack FM and enjoy your drinks!

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