In Western New York, you can go almost anywhere to get wings. They're all over Buffalo and the surrounding suburbs.

There are the standard favorites for wings in Western New York. Many say Bar-Bill. Others say Duffs. You also have great places like Gabriel's Gate, Nine-Eleven Tavern, Kelly's Korner, Mammoser's, Wingnutz, etc. but I think everyone has that one place that they love for wings, that isn't on anyone else's radar.

Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was a guest on the Pardon My Take podcast last week and he talked about his career and talked glowingly about his days in Buffalo, which spanned from 2009-2012.

When the topic of wings came up, Fitzpatrick's mentioned that the one place he always went to with his lineman was Dandelions.

"Dandelions is the one for wings I went to with the lineman all the time," said Fitzpatrick.

Dandelions is located on N. Forest Road in Williamsville and aren't exactly the restaurant you think of when it comes to wings.

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It's a great spot for Italian food and drinks, but they do serve wings and I can back up Fitz's claim because I grew up in North Amherst and my mom and dad often went to Dandelions for food.

I know Fitz also loves Mulberry, which is an Italian restaurant in Lackawanna, but they also have wings, which are great.

Dandelions is kind of tucked away along N. Forest Road, but Fitzpatrick made it a point to bring them up when it comes to wings. That's pretty cool.

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