Ryan Fitzpatrick has a very long and storied career in the NFL and being that he has been inducted in the Bills Mafia for the rest of his life, it seems like a good idea for us to take a look at some of the best highlights of Fitzmagic's career 17-year career in the NFL.

There are a lot of great plays that Fitz made in his career to pick from, so this is going to be a great list for us to go through.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Goes Shirtless During Bills Playoff Game

What's better than the Bills playing in the playoffs? How about Fitzmagic, who played for the Washington Football Team at the time, being in the stands shirtless celebrating with the rest of #BillsMafia.

Fitzmagic Engineering An Amazing Comeback Against Tom Brady and the Patriots

In 2011 Fitz led the Bills to an amazing 41 to 31 comeback win against Tom Brady. This game was especially good for Buffalo because Brady refused to shake anyone's hand after the game.

Fitz Beats The Patriots Again in 2019

As the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, Fitzmagic did it again; beating the Patriots 27-24 while throwing for 320 yards.

Leading The Rams To An OT Win In His FIrst NFL Game

In his very first game in the NFL, Fitzmagic led the Rams to an amazing comeback win against the Texans in Overtime, beating the Texans 33 to 27. FitzMagic threw for 310 years and 3 touchdowns as a rookie, in his first NFL game.

Fitzpatrick to Owens for 98 Yards

Just picture it, it's 2009 and Buffalo is on the road visiting the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Bills are backed up on their own 2-yard-line and trailing on the scoreboard, 9-10; Fitz drops back to pass, feels some moderate pressure, chucks the ball up in the air for TO to grab it...98 yards later, touchdown Buffalo

Thank you Fitz for a great career!

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Through The Years

FitzMagic has been felt throughout the NFL for 17 years

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