The former Thursday at the Square (now Thursday at the Harbor) schedule came out yesterday, and the lineup is looking pretty good. But I have to say my jaw hit the floor when I saw the show that's scheduled for August 16.

Salt-N-Pepa. No freaking way.

You see, Salt-N-Pepa didn’t only set the stage for all rapping female artists. No sir. They were one of “the groups" of my generation. They were awesome in every which way (especially when they paired up with En Vogue).

When S-N-P toured last winter with Doug E. Fresh and Rob Base, you bet your bottom dollar I was there. While the tickets weren't too expensive, they weren’t cheap either.

And now S-N-P is playing free shows??

I guess I should be grateful. They’re not looking to cash in big (yes, I believe they still can). They’re giving something back to the fans and all that mushy, happy-go-lucky stuff. But it’s Salt-N-Pepa (and hopefully Spinderella). Aren’t they at least good for $20 a ticket?

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