Sometimes crazy people have standoffs with cops; it happens. Crazy people in L.A., though? They always want to "do it in character."

At around 10pm last Tuesday evening, cops were called to a Hollywood apartment complex, where they found "Tony Montana" (complete with pimp suit) up on the balcony, waving a machete around and screamin' his head off about stuff. What stuff? Who knows; what do people complain about in LA.? Wheatgrass and junk, right? Traffic? Certainly not In-N-Out Burger.

The standoff lasted for 6 hours, and included lots of 'Scarface'-quote screaming; we're impressed that this guy's iPhone has that many hours of battery, since we're assuming he had the movie's IMDb page loaded up for most of those 6 hours, as a reference.

Sure, Tony Montana had a machine gun and not a machete in 1983's 'Scarface,' but this dude's sloppy prop casting probably saved him 15-20 years in federal prison. By the way: throughout the standoff, our villain held a DVD copy of 'Scarface' in his non-machete'd hand, in case anyone wasn't getting it:

In the end, he threw his machete in the pool and was promptly tear-gassed. So long, Mel. Have a good trip.

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