WNY has obviously received a lot of rain this spring season. We've set records for days and months in just a matter of a couple weeks. From flooded yards to record levels in Lake Ontario it has been awhile since the area has seen this much water.

Adam Hudson was able to grab some pretty impressive footage of the Erie Canal in Lockport. The canal and the locks are filled to the brim and the fact that it is that evident from high up in the sky is crazy. The drone footage of the area is cool in itself but the fact that you're seeing these levels on the canal and in the locks are worth taking a gander.

At this point the locks aren't needed, you can just float your boat from start to finish! Although, the locks are the best part when you take a ride on the canal. Can you remember or do you know if the levels have ever been this high on the canal and locks?

The Erie Canal was built to create a route from NYC, the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean for  According to Wikipedia, the canal originally ran about 363 miles (584 km) from Albany, on the Hudson River, to Buffalo, at Lake Erie.

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