The debate continues. 

We can hear the yelling at the pub now. One person insists that flats are the superior cut of chicken wings because they have more of the “good” meat. Another person yells back that they are absolutely wrong - drums are the way to go, and definitely contain more bang for your buck regarding chicken wings.

It’s an argument that’s probably been around since the invention of the chicken wing at Anchor Bar in 1964, and will likely continue in circles until the end of time. We swear, we’ve heard arguments in bars about everything under the sun - but a debate about which type of chicken wing is better can lead to some very loud and stubborn opinions.

But which cut of chicken wing really has more meat on its bones (literally) - a flat, or a drumstick?

Which is better - flats or drums?

Now, before we start a chicken wing war here in Buffalo, let’s start off by saying that yes, both cuts of chicken wings have their own redeeming qualities.

Chicken drums (drummies, drumettes, whatever you wanna call ‘em) are the ideal chicken wing cut for dunking in your blue cheese, thanks to the larger bone right in the center that makes it easier to grip than flats.


However, chicken flats make for a cleaner, more “effortless” wing-eating experience. They’re not as easy to eat as a boneless wing obviously - but we all know that boneless wings are a fraud and nothing more than a glorified chicken nugget. 

We digress. Moving on.

The definitive question: Which has more MEAT, flats or drums?

You might not like this answer.

Technically speaking, a chicken wing drum contains more meat than a flat. Keep in mind, though, that some of that “meat” is chewy, tough cartilage that is almost impossible to eat, never mind actually enjoy. The majority of the time, the impossible-to-get-off-the-bone cartilage ends up left on the plate and not actually eaten at all. 

Our verdict?

Sure. A chicken wing drum has more meat - but it’s easier to get the delicious meat clean off of the bone of a flat, which makes it a superior cut of chicken wing overall.

Fight us on it.

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