Why some in Western New York think kids today are delicate "snowflakes" and "sissies."

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First of all, we aren't saying this. Some in Buffalo and Western New York are saying it. To be fair, many all across the nation also think this for various reasons.

Some believe we are raising weak, entitled children who don't know anything about toughness and hard work. While there are several reasons for this, in Buffalo and Western New York there is a specific reason they seem to have this belief. It doesn't involve the Buffalo Bills, getting jobs, playing contact sports, or playing too many video games, though all of those things are probably on the table for people who think this way.

Specifically, the reason they think kids today are weak is because of Snow Days.

That's right. According to many Western New Yorkers, snow days are creating the snowflakes of America, pun intended.

In a completely non-scientific Facebook poll, which of course is what all media base things on now it seems, 90% of respondents said that schools close for snow too easily now. That's not where it stops, either. The comments, as are expected from any Facebook thread, were very negative about kids today.

Kids Are Weak According to Some in Western New York

Are these people too harsh? Do you agree with them? Do you feel their comments are appropriate?

Snow days are not a new concept, of course. They have been happening since schools became a standard in the United States for various reasons. In recent years, schools have shut down earlier than they used to for the safety of the children, bus drivers, teachers, and administration. This is also to keep more vehicles off roads so that plows can effectively take care of streets, as well as allow first responders to have access to neighborhoods.

Areas South of Buffalo received up to 80" of snow this past weekend, causing the BUfal Bills game to be moved to Detroit and shutting down most businesses. There has been a travel ban for this area for several days.

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There are several online places that list the "snowiest places in New York State." Surprisingly, they all have different rankings and all use different data. So we decided to use the New York State Ski Blog as our source. Thousands of skiers rely on this site for accurate weather conditions around the state. So we did too.

FYI...since the winter of 2022 is definitely not over these statistics are for last year. We have no doubt that the rankings will change next year. I mean, have you seen the photos coming out of western New York recently? WOW!

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