I know you clicked on this article because you’ve always wanted to try Stand-up Comedy. I read you like a book. It’s ok, don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me, but don’t have this dream and never try it!

The fact is, Buffalo's Comedy scene is amazing, filled with super talented people. The open mic scene is pretty welcoming as well. You're very likely to find encouragement. At the very least, you 100% have every opportunity to get up on stage and prove yourself to the world.

Get up on stage and crush it, or fail miserably. Either way, you won’t die wondering what could have been. Whether you want to try it or love to watch, here’s a list of comedy open mics in Buffalo, NY:

Tudor Lounge  - 335 Franklin St, Buffalo, NY
Every Monday - Sign up 8pm
This mic is run by Buffalo's own Don Johnson, super nice and funny guy. The stage is front and center in this centrally-located Buffalo gem. The sound is always great and you get five minutes to work out your jokes. I suggest checking an open mic out first to get a feel for what goes down. You will enjoy yourself. And, yes, there's a bar that serves alcohol.

Rust Belt Comedy - Nietzsche's - 248 Allen St, Buffalo, NY
Every Tuesday  - Sign up 8pm
Nietzsche's is one of the coolest bars in Buffalo and comedy has been happening in these hallowed halls for a long time. Hosted by Jake Piskor & Jake Samson, this comedy mic happens up front, so it's action-packed. You have to sign up to get on the list for the mic, so again I suggest going to a mic first to introduce yourself. Also, Nietzsche's is a cash bar, so bring cash. Tip your bartender, Dana, because she's one of the best people ever.

Helium Comedy Club - 30 Mississippi St., Buffalo, NY
Tuesdays - Visit the Helium website to check out when their next Open Mic is!
Hit the spot where the pros play. If you want to see what it feel like to be a touring comic on a stage with bright lights in your face, Helium is the spot. It's definitely a great feeling every comic or aspiring comic should have.

Milkie's - 552 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY
Every Wednesday - Sign up 7pm
You are in for a treat when you visit Milkie's on a Wednesday night. Jesse Winterhalter hosts the mic that is very much never dull. There's always a good crowd and the swanky, retro-style Milkie's is the perfect spot to give comedy a try. You'll be on the same stage the legendary Lance Diamond once performed.

Mr Goodbar (upstairs) - 1110 Elmwood Ave
Every Thursday - Sign up 7pm
Head upstairs to my favorite place to do comedy. Hosted by Bennet Solowski. this mic always has a great crowd. It looks great, sounds great. There are great beers on tap and they even turn off the TVs for the comedy. You get four minutes to try out your stuff, which is honestly twice as long as you should need. You will have fun.

OSB Ciderworks - 517 Main St
Friday (Bi-weekly) - Sign up 7pm
I have yet to get out to this comedy open mic because I'm old and usually stay in the house on Fridays, but I hear great things. Hosted by John Lockwood and Katie Scanlon, this location looks amazing, so at the very least you'll get cool pics for your Instagram. Do kids still use Instagram?

The comedy scene in Buffalo is thriving, and mics are always being added, so it's very possible I missed a few. But this will give you a good start. Now go out there and impress your friends with your worldly insight. Buy a notebook. Write down every stupid thought in your head, then edit it to a three-minute presentation. Practice that three-minute presentation until you're sick of it. Go to an open mic and live. Live!

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