Well...Josh Allen wasn't named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week this week. The good news though is that one of his teammates took the honor instead.

Stefon Diggs was named the week 16 AFC Player of the Week.

Between Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs, the Bills have been named Offensive Players of the Week 5 times so far this season. And you can add two Defensive Player of the Week honors earlier in the season for Jerry Hughes and A.J. Klein.

Diggs definitely stood out as the Bills hammered the Patriots 38-9 on Monday night in front of the entire nation. With nine catches for 145 yards and three touchdowns, and none of them came easy. One of them was a 50-yard strike that included 40 yards after the catch and he had to push through two defenders on the 2-yard line for another.

He's been an incredible pick up for the Bills this year. He's described as an incredible teammate and a leader in that locker room. And he's even breaking records that have been set for the Bills for years now.

He was able to break the Bills' franchise record for receptions in a year in week 15. The record was set at 100 receptions in 2002 by Eric Moulds. He is well past that already with one game to play. And this past week he was able to surpass Moulds again for most receiving yards in a single season with 1383 yards, a record that was set at 1,368 in 1998.

This year keeps getting better and the Bills are showing more confidence every game.  Here's to hoping that it continues into 2021!

Go Bills!


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