Social media can be used for good, like conversing with like-minded people about subjects that interest you. It's escapism for many and also, very entertaining.

However, as you might already know, social media also features negative comments and posts that are flat-out awful. Some posts are made just for shock value and to rile people up, which are commonly known as "trolls." Posting something just to make people angry.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs doesn't respond to everyone in his Twitter threads, but he felt the need to respond to a post that was out of line.

Diggs tweeted on Monday that he would need to put his recruiting hat on, in regards to the upcoming free agency period that will start on March 16th.

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Someone responded that the Bills need to get defensive end Josh Allen (Jacksonville Jaguars) and cornerback Travon Diggs (Dallas Cowboys), so the Bills could have both Allen's and both Diggs'.

A troll responded by saying that the Bills could never fit them under the cap and that "women need to stay in their place and out of sports."

The comment was condemned (rightfully so) by Twitter users, but Diggs responded by telling him to chill out.

There are certain red flags for trolls on social media. New accounts, only posts are replies, and they don't have a photo or name attached to the account. Clearly, this was meant to stir the pot, but Diggs wasn't about to let him get away with that comment.

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