Legendary and Capcom are working on a Street Fighter movie, and it seems like they may have found their directors. Although it might seem like a weird fit, those directors are the duo behind the festival horror hit Talk to Me, Danny and Michael Philippou. For those not familiar, Talk To Me is an Australian horror film about grief and seancés. It blew up on the festival circuit and quickly got picked up for A24 for distribution. Apparently, some influential people are taking notice.

Street Fighter has been adapted before. Steven E. de Souza directed the 1994 release, which starred Raul Julia and Jean-Claud Van Damme. While it did pretty well at the box-office, critics absolutely hated it. Of course, it didn't feel very close to the source material, and it was extremely campy. That being said, it's something of a cult classic at this point. It's unlikely that the Phillippou brothers are going to lean into that vibe.

Street Fighter TV Series

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The Phillippous are extremely hot right off of the release of Talk to Me, and it’s said that they were approached by different agencies all night at Sundance after screening the film. They eventually decided to sign with WME. Since Sundance only happened at the end of January, they must have been working quickly.

As of now, there's no real timeline for what the production schedule looks like. There also aren’t any indications as to what the plot will be, but there are tons of possibilities on the table. This will be the third Street Fighter movie to date; the first, in 1994, starred Jean-Claude Van Damme as Guile and Raul Julia as Bison. In 2009, a reboot arrived called Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, with Kristin Kreuk in the title role, and Chris Klein in a performance that became the stuff of internet legend.

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