I am not talking about the Tesla car manufactured by Elon Musk, or even the American rock band TESLA. I am referring to Nikola Tesla (although the previous two were both inspired by his genius).

A friend of mine while running downtown around Main Street and North Division, recently discovered the Statue of Tesla. Not knowing it was there,  I wanted to share this out in the open discovery.

The Nikola Tesla statue has been up since September of last year, you can watch the unveiling here. And unlike the amazing Tesla Statue in Niagara Falls, the Tesla Statue on Main Street is the first representation of Nikola in Buffalo.

To honor the greatness and pay tribute to the many inventions Tesla has given the world, Buffalo State professor Francis Lestingi designed, funded, and donated the statue, which you can visit at Main Street and North Division, downtown Buffalo.

And it is looking like Tesla is going to be accessorized. Buffalo Spree Magazine reports: "The Buffalo Niagara Nikola Tesla Council wants to add a stainless steel symbolic representation on the inventors signature, Tesla Coil."

Nikola Tesla may be one of the most influential, as well as, unappreciated inventors in history. Spending some time in this region, especially in Niagara Falls focusing his time and talents on developing the way electricity is delivered today, through alternating current (AC). According to History.com "Mark Twain, a Buffalo resident at one time, and Tesla became friends and spent some time in Tesla's lab."

There is so much rich history here in Western New York along with many great statues around Buffalo to visit and take a selfie with. From Abraham Lincoln sitting at the Rose Garden in Delaware Park to The Indian Hunter across the street.

So the next time you are out and about, look for those immortalized in time, stop and introduce yourself.

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