The rock band named after the famous inventor Nikola Tesla (not of Elon Musk fame)TESLA was on full tilt to a sold-out show at The Seneca Events Center (Inside the Seneca Niagara Casino) Niagara Falls on Saturday, April 15.

TESLA came on the rock scene in 1981 from Sacramento California and I have seen them live multiple times since then.

Every show was amazing, but this show was special. Not to mention that the actual inventor spent time in Niagara Falls to harness the power of Niagara Falls to figure out how to generate electricity for all.

The vibe of the room, singing and dancing. The vibe of the band was amazing. TESLA's lyrics are almost Zen-like, and to be honest, if it wasn't for this band and the song 'Edison's Medicine' I would never know how badly the inventor Nikola Tesla was treated and cheated.

Our man with the eye, and camera David "Gus" Griesinger, CEO/Artist Relations of BackstageAxxess and Goldmine Magazine contributor was also at the show, although I didn't see him to meet up with for a beverage he captured and reviewed the show. Some pictures are below with his review, great pictures, and their set list HERE.

TESLA still rocks!

Tesla in Niagara Falls

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