There is no better way to enjoy this (or any city for that matter) than to explore it on foot. Sneakers, shoes, sandals, or skates to really experience the sights and sounds of the city one must 'hoof it.'

I live between Delaware Avenue and Elmwood Avenue (near North) and starting now and going until the weather starts to become difficult, I am starting to see more and more fans of, history, architecture, and hauntings as walking tours are starting to book people to accommodate anyone who is curious on the city's rich history.


Now the tours will take you anywhere from Canalside to Hertel Avenue, Allentown to The Elmwood Village, and even as far out as South Buffalo. The history of some of the homes, neighborhoods, and people fascinates me. Walking tours really give you a sense of the here and now. I mean imagine while you are walking up Delaware Avenue, in front of the Theodore Roosevelt Museum, following in the same footsteps of Teddy Roosevelt. Or walking in front of The Buffalo Club where Mark Twain and Fredrick Law Olmsted would congregate. Too cool.

Plus, you may just stumble upon a new bar, restaurant, or eatery that you may never have seen driving by at 30 miles per hour.


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