The shutdown has affected everyone and everything. Especially the local music scene. Fans have been disappointed, music venues remain closed, and every talented Buffalo musician has felt the wrath of the COVID-19 quarantine.

So doing what all Buffalonians do. We get together, get creative and get busy figuring it all out. Buffalocal with the help of over 30 other businesses has put together “The Band Together – Buffalo Shutdown Showcase” this virtual event is set up to showcase and support local artists and local venues.  

Turns out, a bunch of music industry professionals took on the challenge to expose the masses to a sea of talented musicians. They have teamed up for a multi-week, free virtual event, showcasing the local talent across Western New York over winter 2021.  BAND TOGETHER BUFFALO has all the details, but here is how they describe it.

"Over 100 musical acts have been submitted to compete in the Shutdown Showcase. There will be multiple rounds with multiple winners. Round two begins Tuesday, February 9 with live premiers every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for five consecutive weeks airing original content from each of the individual acts. Fans can vote for up to three days following each episode. Top 16 acts will move on to Round three beginning Wednesday, March 31."

So even though you cannot go out to out to your favorite club to see your favorite artist or band, you can still support all the great local talent that resides here in WNY. 

Also, according to BAND TOGETHER BUFFALO: "Scoring for the SHUTDOWN SHOWCASE contest will be judged in part by a panel of local industry professionals and in part by public voting, which includes multipliers for tipping the band via Venmo or PayPal as well as voting the night of the episode premiere."

Watch and listen to it all HERE. All different genres of music. It is literally a one stop shop showcasing all styles and performances. 

What a great way to see and experience a slew of bands and artists you may have never known existed. Support the music and those who create it. Rock on.


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