The summertime weather is still around here in Western New York, even though it's been pretty rainy this year.

Summer events are back in full swing around Buffalo and Western New York, but it's never too early to start planning for the fall and it's safe to say that this region is amazing for the autumn months. Seriously, the fall foliage here is phenomenal, especially down in the southern tier.

If you love the fall foliage and train rides, there's wonderful news.

The Fall Foliage Train Ride at the Attica & Arcade Railroad is back this fall, according to their website, with dates happening all throughout the month of October.

The train rides take place every Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday from October 2nd through October 17th. It takes you through the gorgeous fall foliage in the southern tier of Western New York and there are even activities for kids and concessions as well.

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When I was a kid, trains were my number one passion. I absolutely love collecting toy trains and my dad had model train sets. Going on a train ride might as well have been going to Chuck-E-Cheese for me. The sound of the tracks and the moving scenery is unmatched by anything else, and the setting of the fall foliage is honestly the best time of the year for it.

I know, I know, it's still summertime so let us enjoy that first. It's never too early to look forward to something like this though.

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