I love playing golf, but I'll be completely honest...I'm not very good. My driving game is abysmal and my putting needs work, although my intermediate game (7-irons, wedges) is pretty good.

Sometimes friends who ask you to go golf want to go to "big-boy" courses in Western New York and you dread saying yes because you're afraid you might embarrass yourself -- in front of other people, no less.

If you're just starting out as a golfer and haven't really refined your game yet, then there is one golf course that makes you feel like you're playing golf but is a forgiving course for people that aren't very good.

Bob-O-Link Golf Course in Orchard Park is pretty awesome for novice golfers. Located on Transit Road in Orchard Park, this Par 3, 18-hole golf course is awesome for beginners because every hole is between 100-160 yards and there are no real traps that you get in trouble with; the worst are a few ponds around the course.

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I went here just starting out and on;t finished a few strokes off my friends who are far more experienced than I am. They also have a driving range, which I definitely need to get to at some point early this season.

Snow is in the forecast this week, but make sure to get to the golf courses as often as possible this spring and summer. We only get a finite amount of great weather days in Buffalo and can't let them go to waste.

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