If you've paying attention to the news that has been coming from One Bills Drive, then you know that things are not all good for the hometown team. Bills fans all over the nation have been making their opinion known about all of the changes that have happened to the team over the last few days.

In the last week alone, we've seen several big names leave the team. So far, we've seen Jordan Poyer, Tre'Davious White, Mitch Morse, Siran Neal, and more cut by the team. While the bills have also brought some new players on and resigned a few existing folks, it's without a doubt that the team will look a lot different during the 2024/25 season.

All of this is due to the terrible condition the Bills are in on the financial side with the team being more than $40 million over the salary cap at the end of February. While it's not quite a fire sale in Orchard Park, things we're looking bleak.

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Things aren't looking as bad, thanks to a move that the Bills star made to help the team.

Von Miller Renegotiated Contract To Help Bills Save Money

Buffalo's $114 million man, Von Miller, took a step to help the Bills with their salary cap woes this week in a move he didn't have to do.

According to SpoTrac Miller, who was due to earn more than $17 million this year, has agreed to reduce his base salary down to just under $9 million. In addition to this year, the restructure also has an impact on future years of his salary.

While there are plenty of incentives built into the contract to help Miller earn additional cash in 2024, this move significantly helps the team on the salary cap front.

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Things are starting to look a little brighter at One Bills Drive. We're going to have to wait a little longer to see what other moves the Bills make to ensure we have a solid team this yea.

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