If you're like us (and we're betting you are) you probably don't watch "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" on ABC Family. Well lucky for us deandagati over on YouTube cut out the boring parts of one of the episodes (Season 2, Episode 12 to be exact) to see just how often they say the word "sex." Here's a hint: I'm a guy and I don't even think about it THIS much!

I think the most, and it pains me to use this word, disturbing thing about this video is that clearly a lot of these are taken from single scenes. So within a couple of minutes worth of dialog the writers for this show typed sex like 10 times! I wonder if they just use CTRL-V to save time?

Now I'm not sure what kind of "Family" ABC Family is programming for but it seems like the sub-network could be fertile ground for a Charlie Sheen reality show.

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