Hey now, this looks like your dream come true if you have a project to work on this spring and summer.

I don't know about anyone else, but it's frustrating sometimes when you're working on something and are missing the one tool you need; or that tool is broken and you don't feel like buying new (expensive) tools and equipment, because who wants to do that? You just want that tool for that specific project.

Look no further than this place.

According to WGRZ, there's an actual tool library where you can rent tools and equipment.

It was started by Darren Cotton in 2011 in Buffalo's University District and it has everything you could possibly need to get that project done.

After starting out small, Cotton has grown the Tool Library into 600 members and over 3,500 tools and pieces of equipment for you to rent.

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Some of the equipment you'll be able to find are power washers and lawnmowers (yes!!).

"The community really is so diverse. People of all ages, abilities, and walks of life are coming in here and really just appreciating the concept but also the community that the tool library has helped create," said Cotton.

And get this: the cost of an annual membership? Just $20, and you can rent up to five tools a week.

"We live in this sort of fast fashion, Amazon world where our first instinct is to buy something or just pay someone else to do it. We want to recapture that culture of fixing and making and doing it yourself," said Cotton.

I can't wait to utilize this place. A guy's dream brought to life.

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