Have you ever wondered what would happen if you combine certain Buffalo foods together? I mean, some you can't, like taking sponge candy and putting it inside a beef on weck -- obviously, that's not going to work.

But what if you could? Let's say, something as Buffalo as Buffalo-style pizza with Buffalo's favorite hot dogs? Now, that's a reality.

According to their Twitter account, Sahlen's Hot Dogs has teamed up with Macy's Place Pizzeria in Cheektowaga for a truly unique and quintessential Buffalo dish.

Introducing the Sahlen's Hot Dog pizza.

Just imagine taking a bite out of that? I love Sahlen's hot dogs, but that's definitely out there.

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Macy's has such amazing pizza. If you love Buffalo-style pizza, and you have not had Macy's, definitely get around to doing that, because you will not regret it.

I wonder how the blue cheese would taste with a Sahlen's hot dog? I always dip my Buffalo-style pizza in blue cheese (you have to, right?), but this version with Sahlen's hot dogs? Not sure.

Macy's is the king of unique pizza creations, though, and this team-up makes all the sense in the world.

If you have it, let us know how it is. I mean, it won't be super for your diet, but chances are if you're indulging in a Sahlen's hot dog, you aren't overly concerned with calories, anyway.

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