The Buffalo Bills had a game yesterday that reminded fans of last season. They defeated The Washington Football Team by a score of 43-21 and it really was the first time this season the offense and defense were firing on all cylinders.

Josh Allen was the biggest reason the Bills played so well. He completed 32 of 43 passes for 358 yards and five total touchdowns (one rushing).

The Bills had the game well in hand by the fourth quarter, so head coach Sean McDermott decided to insert backup quarterback Mitch Trubisky towards the end of the game.

Trubisky only completed one pass for a single yard, but in a humorous twist of fate, that's also the total number of net passing yards his former team, the Chicago Bears had all of Sunday against the Cleveland Browns.

No, really.

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The Bears have had a rough start to the season and lost starting quarterback Andy Dalton to injury.

Rookie first-round pick Justin Fields started his first career game against Cleveland, which did not go as planned. The Browns have a tough defense and the game was in Cleveland, so it wasn't unexpected, but perhaps nobody thought it would go as bad as it did.

Trubisky was the second-overall pick in 2017 for the Bears and was deemed a disappointment by the end of his tenure there. Trubisky signed a one-year contract this past offseason with the Bills to backup Josh Allen.

We usually see some fun fact stats on Mondays after NFL Sunday, but this was probably the funniest of them all.

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