It is the season of ice and snow which means ice and snow removal. And yes, clearing a clear path for your ride is not only time-consuming, tiring, and trying, your vehicle always seems to take a ‘back seat’ (pun intended) when cleaning it off properly.

No matter how you get your vehicle out on the highways and byways: whether you shovel, snow-blow, or snowplow it out, the focus on how you actually clean off, and clear off your mode of transportation always seems to be with minimal effort.

I am guilty of this. As long as the windows and lights are clear, I am “good to go” right?

Wrong! What about your roof? Ice and snow accumulate, set in, and blow off depending on how fast you are going. Have you ever had a renegade slice of ice hit you on the roadways? Not fun. Well, imagine how this person felt while driving.

As reported by  Mike Cejka from WIVB Channel 4.


So that is from ice, but what about rocks and stones that kick up? There is no real control over that so try and remember this advice and the picture above for all people who ride with their four-legged friends. Keep them safe with their heads inside your roving kennel,

And speaking of driving distractions, beware of hot coffee spilling because of ineffective lids. See the story HERE.

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