There are a lot of things in your life that you know. Or you think you know. A lot of us still believe things that we're far too old to believe anymore, but we've never really questioned. And it makes sense to a certain degree. When you're growing up, and someone tells you something or you hear about something, you just accept those things as truth. Why wouldn't you? That's what kids do. As you get older, those things you heard or were told never get corrected, and so we go on believing them. Eventually, we start telling those same stories. That's how Urban Legends get passed down through the years. It's time to shine a light on some of the most prolific Urban Legends in Buffalo.

Here are Three Buffalo Urban Legends You're Too Old To Still Believe.

The Pigman Killer
Holland Road off Route 5, also knowns as Pigman Road, is the alleged home to the serial killer branded as "The Pigman." As the legend goes, he supposedly resembled a pig or wore a mask made of pig parts. While the story about what he did and why changes slightly here and there, the overriding theme is that three teenagers decided to go to his house and prank him. Legend has it so as to scare anyone off who might think of trespassing on his property ever again; he caught the teenagers and decapitated them one by one. He allegedly made the remaining boy(s) watch and suffer, knowing this was to be their fate. As one final act of horror, "Pigman" is said to have put their heads, along with the heads of pigs, on stakes along the road.

His plan must not have been that great because, after that, the man disappeared, never to be seen again. But, rumors persist of shadowy figures being seen in the area, along with the sounds of squealing pigs. And now, there's a movie about this urban legend.

Here's the trailer - Holland Road Massacre: The Legend of Pigman

Goodleburg Cemetery
Goodleburg Cemetery on Goodleburg Road in Wales was actively used from 1811 until 1927. While no longer in use, a lot of the original settlers of Wales are buried there. It was a quiet cemetery until the 1990s when rumors and stories began to circulate about the "paranormal" happenings in the cemetery.

Legend holds that a doctor who practiced illegal abortions and buried the aborted babies and any of the mothers who died during the procedure near a pond, located behind his house, that overlooks the cemetery. The story continues that once his deeds were discovered, the good doctor hanged himself on the property.

The common theme of the "hauntings" centers around a baby's cry carried on strong winds that kick up out of nowhere, along with colored orbs appearing in pictures taken at night.

Fosdick-Masten Park (now City Honors) High School is the target of this urban legend. There are several variations, but the most oft-repeated is that a young boy died in a pool on the second floor in the 70s. The legend goes that every year ceiling tiles fall and form the word "HELP" in the room below.

Another variation is the school being haunted by the ghost of a young girl. This story stemmed from sometime around 2007 to 2008 when the Buffalo Public School District was renovating portions of the school (true). The crews were digging on the Best Street side and discovered human remains. The remains were that of a man, woman, and a child. The remains were reburied in Buffalo Forest Lawn Cemetery.

It's not surprising that we embrace these stories and legends. After all, just about everyone loves a good ghost story and mystery. They help us put order to things. As author David Baldacci says, "They help us put the balance back in life…evil is punished, and the good guys win, after solving the puzzle."

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