It turns out that Americans love their junk and never want to get rid of it! According to a survey from ClosetMaid, 50% of people have a problem with clutter and the average average person hoards 23 items in their home they don't use! Do you have an item that currently broken but still collecting dust? You're not alone! 31% of the 2,000 people surveyed said the same thing. It seems we all have a little bit of a hoarder in us!

Top 10 Items That People Like To Hoard

  1. Old clothing
  2. Seasonal items
  3. Old footwear
  4. Books
  5. Boxes
  6. Clothing never worn
  7. Old chargers and cables
  8. Old magazines/newspapers
  9. Old movies
  10. Outdated electronics

Most people keeping their hoarding behind closed doors - the number one place to keep things hidden is the bedroom! You can read more hoarding confession and see if you fall in line with the average American HERE. If anything, this can be a gentle reminder that "spring cleaning" doesn't always have to happen in the spring!

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