There you are, driving north on the 190 when you notice that LED sign (it's a "Variable Message Sign," if you're interested) on the pedestrian bridge by LaSalle Park. And you think, wait, did I see what I thought I saw? If you've driven that particular stretch of the 190 in the past few days, chances are pretty good, yes. You did.

I was stopped in traffic the other night when this message popped up.

attachment-border sign

Mostly innocuous, except for the fact that the border's been closed for the past fifteen-plus months. With the U.S./Canadian border closed until at least July 21st (per Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's own words), are people seriously trying to take handguns into Canada? Apparently, they are. Otherwise, that sign wouldn't be lit up.

In case you're unaware, handguns are illegal in Canada. But just like the people you see in airports saying, "I forgot I had it in there..." (riiiiiiight), people forget they have a gun in their glovebox (although how you can forget that is beyond me) or their trunk.

Here's the thing, it's not like you can just turn around at the border and drop it off. If you get to the border and have a handgun, they're going to seize it, and it will be destroyed. You'll also face some hefty fines along with the possibility of having your vehicle seized and maybe jail time.

General Tips for Bringing a Firearm Across the Border (from

When bringing a gun into either country, it is advisable to start the process early (3 months in advance is ideal), as complications and processing times can make this a lengthy procedure.

When you reach the border, be cooperative with customs agents. Save your personal views on gun control for debates with your friends – unless you want to spend even more "quality time" with law enforcement. Answer questions you are asked directly and concisely; don't volunteer things you haven't been asked about.

And before you ask, no. You won't be able to "store" or "hold" the weapon at the border either. So here's a pro tip - the next time you're about to cross the U.S. Canadian border (when it finally opens...), maybe just double check that you didn't forget about that Glock in the glove compartment.

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